Innovations in expense management

We outline some of the areas we feel that will benefit from innovation in the years to come, further increasing the importance of expense management in companies like yours.

What you will learn in this whitepaper

The Future of Expense Management

The expense management industry is a relatively immature one. But where will the innovation come in the short term and how will it help transform the bottom line?

Behavioural Changes

While the key benefit of SaaS solutions, like those offered by Xpenditure, remain wedded to productivity gains (as a result of more efficient processes) the next stage for the industry will be one of behavioural gains.

The Power of E-Receipts

Integrations between various applications means that e-receipts sent to an email account can be pushed automatically to expense management solutions again saving the user time.

Software as a Service

The entire expense process could be outsourced, after all, it is a non core business, and one that could be managed more efficiently by a dedicated provider.

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