Beyond Accounting Software: What You Need to Add Value in 2018

In recent years accountants have embraced cloud-based accountancy solutions with varying degrees of appetite. However, those who have been slow to embrace these run the risk of being left behind.

What you will learn in this whitepaper

Adoption of Technology

This short white paper outlines some of the changes that are most likely to impact your business in the years ahead when it comes to the increased adoption of technology.


In the whitepaper, we recommend that practitioners urgently need to consider the wider ecosystem growing around these same accountancy applications.

Bring Your Own Device - Generation

These users are embracing new apps and SaaS solutions in greater numbers and determining with what they need to run their businesses efficiently. Everyone needs to keep up!


We give a flavour of some of the integrations that support the growing ecosystem operating in the wider business productivity/finance space.

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