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For business travellers

Maya transforms your business trips. An innovative and powerful platform designed to offer a bespoke experience for business travellers. Maya integrates your travel policies, your preferred suppliers and approval flows. Booking business trips has never been more enjoyable. 

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Trip booking

All your flights, hotels and trains in one intuitive platform with integrated company travel policies. Search and filter on your favorite options to find the best deals at the best prices. From premium to low cost. 

Travel Policy

A fully configurable rule engine for all your travel policies and travellers. No more manual checks, your policies are automatically enforced during the booking process.

Approval Workflow

Create the workflows your company needs. Combine flexible and strict approval flows depending on destination, out of policy bookings, trip reason etc... 

Payment Options

Choose your favorite payment method: centralised payment, credit card, lodge cards etc... Use your preferred ones for the services you need.

Negotiated Rates

All your negotiated rates are embedded in MAYA and automatically load as the preferred or the only bookable options for your travellers. Maya also offers competitive rates for hotel bookings. 

Travel cost reports

Stay always on top of things with MAYA's reporting suite. Real-time reports and analysis of your company's travel spendings and behaviours. 

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Our travel specialist will give you a tour of MAYA and show you how to book business trips, configure company travel policies and track behaviours and spendings. Your company's trips booking will be a doddle . 

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