Learn How Miele Benefited from Deploying Xpenditure’s ​Expense Management Solution

In our free case study you will learn:

  • Miele’s key findings since the launch
  • How to manage the transition smoothly
  • Insights of what a real life deployment looks like
  • The main drivers behind Miele’s decision to change to a new approach

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Are you considering implementing a new expense management solution?

The short case study aims to uncover some of the main issues that people like you need to consider when evaluating a solution for your expense management headaches. If you are a senior manager at a company currently evaluating expense management solutions the short case study will help you gain a better understanding of what a real life deployment looks like.

These companies already made a successful transition to Xpenditure

"Filing expense reports is much faster and easier for our employees, on-time submissions from employees has increased dramatically."

Emily Frey Financial Accountant at Shapeways

“With Xpenditure you just scan receipts and log them. One of the reasons I picked Xpenditure is the link with FreeAgent; I was looking for programs that can talk to one another.”

Ronny Mewis Fleet & Traval Manager Belfius

"Our staff saves time by submitting their expenses as they occur without having to fill cumbersome administrative paperwork."

Jean Marie Vanderstichele Director Finance and Operations at Miele