Deloitte discuss why they digitised expense management with Xpenditure


Thanks to Xpenditure, Deloitte employees now digitally submit their expenses in real-time. Preventing unnecessary spikes in workload and a whole of unwanted stress within the organisation.

  • No more manual input
  • No more lost receipts
  • No more processing errors
  • No more wasted time

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These companies already made a successful transition to Xpenditure

"Filing expense reports is much faster and easier for our employees, on-time submissions from employees has increased dramatically."

Emily Frey Financial Accountant at Shapeways

"Our staff saves time by submitting their expenses as they occur without having to fill cumbersome administrative paperwork."

Cindy Peeters Finance Director at Deloitte

“Previously the expense management process was very time consuming. The processing and reporting of the expenses could take weeks. Xpenditure solved this problem for us.”

Jean Marie Vanderstichele Director Finance and Operations at Miele