How The Next Web Saves Time & Prevent Fraud with Xpenditure

We chat with Robert Jan De Laive, CFO of The Next Web, about how automating the expense process with Xpenditure has saved time and prevented fraud and forgetfulness across his offices worldwide.

"There are always people who expense the same receipt multiple times. As a controller, you don’t
catch this yourself. But Xpenditure highlights and alerts you on potential mistakes."

Robert Jan de Laive | CFO at The Next Web

If receipts could talk - A quick guide to reimbursements and expenses:

Encouragement and Education

How you handle your expenses will say a lot about you as an employee. It’s imperative that employers educate their employees. Learn how TNW handled this issue.

Paper Trail

Lack of structure, with regards to expenses and reimbursements, is one of the most notable headaches for companies. And TNW is no different. In this case study you will discover why they went digital.

Timing is Everything

One of the best features of Xpenditure is the ability to snap a quick picture of your receipt. Not only does this speed up the process of recouping your money, but it also lessens the possibility of losing the receipt.

Fraud Happens

Fraud happens. It could be as simple as submitting the same receipt twice, to attempting to invoice for your honeymoon for example. Regardless, employee theft accounts for billions annually.

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