When "Convivialité" Rhymes With Digitization and Ease of Use

At Pernod Ricard, "Convivialité" is their business and their 'raison d’être'. With that motto, they believe in digitization and wanted to change their entire expense process by looking for an easy to use solution.

“I was seduced by the concept of Xpenditure. The idea to have users do their expense in real-time,
wherever they are, is a real advantage. People can now do their expense in the bus or if they are waiting for a client.”

Romain Benoist | CFO at Pernod Ricard

What you will learn in this case study:

What was Pernod Ricard's biggest challenge?

In a company like Pernod Ricard, socialising and selling is an everyday activity. Some employees end up having expenses every day and handling all the expense manually can become very messy.


The CFO, Romain, looked at several solutions to help them manage their expenses. He had two priorities: A mobile platform that would be easy to use and make sure to reduce manual inputs for the finance teams.

The new generation tool

Learn why Romain went for a “new generation tool”, one that Pernod Ricard can keep using in the future and that won’t become obsolete in a few years.

Seamless implementation & Happy employees

To make sure the introduction of Xpenditure was seamless, several creative and innovative steps were taken. This Case study tells you all about it.

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