How Miele Benefited from Implementing Xpenditure

This short case study aims to uncover some of the main issues that people like you need to consider when evaluating a solution for your expense management headaches.

“Xpenditure really improved our expense management process.
It is a user friendly, easy and fun tool to get insight in your expenses using real-time data.”

Jean-Marie Vanderstichele | Director of Finance & Operations at Miele Belgium

What you will learn in this case study:

The old process (Excel)

The expense management process at Miele was a typical one that many of our customers encounter - a process that was no longer fit for purpose. Microsoft Excel was still being used to manage expenses ...

Solving their problem

While the expense management problem was one Miele was acutely aware of, they didn't considered it as a priority and weren't actively looking for a solution. Until they heard Xpenditure could solve their problem.

Managing the transition

Miele has a very diverse employee base and they were afraid that not everyone would immediately accept the solution. Learn how this fear disappeared like snow before the sun.

Experience to date

Miele's Financial Director explains their experiences to date. Discover in the case study which three key benefits were the most important ones.

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