Learn how Lineas drives innovation and streamlines their expense process

In this short case study, we speak with the CFO of Lineas, Christine Darquenne, about the challenges of managing a European workforce and how Xpenditure has helped her to streamline operations and boost productivity by transforming the outdated expense reporting process.

"Innovation is an important part of Lineas. Xpenditure has played an important
role in this, alongside saving our people lots of time."

Christine Darquenne | CFO at Lineas

What you will learn in this case study:


Innovation is at the core of Belgium’s leading logistics and transport provider, Lineas (former B Logistics). Learn how they managed to innovate on their expense management processes.

Supporting a European-Wide Workforce

Lineas quickly realised how their outdated, manual expense process was particularly problematic when their employees are rarely together in one place.

Transforming the Outdated Expense Process

If you are a senior manager at a company currently trying to update the outdated expense process, this case study will help you gain a better understanding of what a real life deployment looks like.

Boosting Productivity with Easy Compliancy

Setting and enforcing expense parameters and compliancy rules can be complicated. As CFO of Lineas, Christine speaks about how Xpenditure has made this aspect of her and her team’s life so much easier.

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