How Irdeto Digitises its Expense Management

As the world leader in digital platform security, Irdeto is an innovative and forward thinking company. Yet, some internal processes remained unchallenged and not updated to reflect internally what it represented externally.

"We always knew internally that there is something out there that would be better
than Microsoft Dynamics to handle our expenses."

Pierre Fauvel | Financial Controller Americas at Irdeto

What you will learn in this case study:

OCR Technology

Getting away from manual entries was for Irdeto a must. In this case study you will discover how they implemented an on the go solution and be able to reduce manual tasks for employees.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

You get to know how the Microsoft Dynamics integration with Xpenditure works and how it helped Irdeto to get rid of their manual process. They no longer have to fill in all the information manually into Microsoft Dynamics.

Implementation & Communication

Learn how short the timeframe was to implement and roll out Xpenditure in 9 countries (covering the Americas, Europe and Asia), including a full Microsoft Dynamics integration. And what about communication?

Seamless Workflow

Being a global company, Irdeto’s structure implied complex approval and controlling flows. In this case study, you'll read how a user in Canada, can have an approver in Beijing and vice versa.

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