Why Deloitte digitised Expense Management with Xpenditure

Thanks to Xpenditure, Deloitte employees now digitally submit their expenses in real-time. Preventing unnecessary spikes in workload and a whole of unwanted stress within the organisation.

"During the implementation period of Xpenditure, we extensively communicated through posters, company videos,
training sessions, and so on. But a lot of users didn’t even need training. The app is very intuitive.”

Cindy Peeters | Finance Director at Deloitte

What you will learn in this case study:

Unnecessary Spikes in Workload

By choosing for Xpenditure, Deloitte got rid of the huge spike in workload that the financial team had at the end of each month. 


In January 2016, all employees switched to Xpenditure’s digital expense processing. Deloitte extensively communicated this to their employees through different sorts of media.

Better Control

Expenses can be controlled more thoroughly, as all the data is digitally available. Cindy Peeters explains how they control expenses at Deloitte, after implementing Xpenditure.

VAT Recovery

For a lot of companies it’s almost impossible to try to reclaim VAT based on receipts and invoices. At Deloitte however they manage to do so.

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