Streamlining Expenses Worldwide with Brussels Airlines

The expense management of Brussels Airlines is complex. Not in the least because the company has representatives all over the world. In order to arrange the paperwork in an efficient way, the airline joined forces with Xpenditure.

"For a long time we processed the expenses manually. With this app you only have to take a picture of your receipts."

Jan Derycke | VP Finance Accounting at Brussels Airlines

What you will learn in this case study:

Mobile Application

By using Xpenditure's mobile application, Brussels Airlines makes expense management much easier. Discover why an on-the-go solution makes the difference.


Speed is a must for every company and the traditional expense management process takes up a lot of time. Discover how your company can save time and money by learning from Brussels Airlines' experiences.


You will learn more about the complexity of managing expenses for Brussels Ailrines' global workforce, and how they efficiently managing the process now.


In this case study, Brussels Airlines' CFO talks about the challenge of compliancy rules, and how working with Xpenditure’s innovative technology has solved this.

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